About us

SML Biopharm is the next generation vaccine
It's a research and development company

CEO Greetings

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entered the “Era of the Virus Storm.” As the new variants of infectious diseases increase, drug development has become an important topic in the pandemic phase. That led the population to demand a domestic mRNA platform technology that enables rapid deployment.
The primary driving force behind the company's establishment in 2021 was the moral responsibility and duty to develop an excellent and competitive next-generation vaccine that meets societal demands. In addition, the objectives of SML Biopharma are to grow into a first-rate bio-specialized company that contributes to society and improves the quality of human life, providing hope to patients suffering from all kinds of incurable diseases, including cancer, rare diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases.

As SML Biopharma shares a similar management philosophy and corporate culture to Samkwang Biotree Group, I plan to lead SML Biopharma to its success in the healthcare and biology sectors by implementing the following corporate strategy.

First, the company prioritizes the accelerated development of personalized cancer vaccines based on its exceptional technologies (including next-generation mRNA vaccine platforms, a drug delivery chain known as lipid nanoparticle (LNP), and viral vectors), the commercialization of the vaccines, and the distribution to patients.

Second, SML Biopharma adopts a modern, bottom-up culture that enables an autonomous and horizontal discussion among employees and provides a free atmosphere where employees can voluntarily increase the value of the company.

Lastly, the company adopts ESG as one of the cores of management strategy as the impact of ESG on corporate values and growth continues to increase significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic. All executives and employees will aim to contribute to the bio-health industry by promoting excellent R&D talent and collaborating to prevent and treat human diseases.

The company will do its best to establish itself as an honest and respectable company so that you can live a happy life.

Thank you. CEO. Yong-Kwan Kim